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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

I am neither mouse nor man, but awry my plans went anyway. 

I had set three major goals for this month:

1. Victoria will work out five times per week during the month of March. 
2. Victoria will attend a Weight Watchers meeting every week during the month of March.
3. Victoria (and Joel) will make sure the kitchen is clean at least every other day during the month of March. (We have a big problem with leaving dishes around the house. We are trying to be grown ups and clean more often, but we have so many dishes and a tiny sink and a tiny kitchen and omg I just want an effing dishwasher srsly)
4. I also wanted to update this blog once per week, though that was an ongoing goal, not just for the month.

But then I went and got the plague. 

The plague started out as a cold, but rapidly morphed into strep throat and an ear infection, because I have a pathetic excuse for an immune system. So, with a sore throat, a pounding headache, an earache, and thick green sludge flowing through my sinuses, working out at all was not happening for the first week of March.  I am a very needy and whiny sick person, so Joel (bless his giant Maple-leaf-shaped heart) was busy taking care of me and the dishes were ignored. I started working on a long post about how I gained weight, but looking at a computer screen made me dizzy, so it's on hold for now. I had skipped a week of WW because we had to make a last-minute trip to Canada to visit Joel's grandfather in the hospital (though I did stop by to get weighed in), and then skipped last week because I started to feel sick. This week I made it, and it's the first week of March, so that totally counts! Yay!

That makes me1/4 for monthly goals so far. 

I am pretty disappointed that my goals for March were botched. But, I'm feeling much better since getting on some antibiotics - even after spending $90 on a doctor's appointment because I don't have insurance. (Womp womp)

I'm ready to start back up with as much vengeance as I can manage. I'm trying so hard to be a more positive person. It's a constant struggle because, well... everything is the worst. At least in my brain. Logically I know there is a lot of good in my life, but I've just always had a generally negative outlook, with little dabbles of positivism now and then. Congratulations - you're reading the positive side of me right now! Don't expect to see it again for like a year. 

Ugh. Just shut up.