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Monday, July 22, 2013

Man-Baby: A Compilation

I'm blatantly stealing this idea from YouTube extraordinaire Hayley G. Hoover but I'm feeling really ragey and this felt like the right kind of catharsis for me right now.

If I were to write a song for all my former significant others/flings/huge disasters, this is what the song titles would be:

Man-Baby (Volume Barf)

  1. My Dad Was Right About You And That Sucks
  2. Let’s Try This Again When We’re Grown-Ups (Or Not)
  3. At Least I’m Not As Crazy As You Are
  4. Killing Me Softly With His Pompous Evangelism
  5. Some Hipsters Have Social Skills, Why Can’t You?
  6. You Think I’m Really Smart Because You’re Really Dumb
  7. I’m Just A Girl, And You Should Probably Be In Jail
  8. I Know You’re Faking That Accent, You Studied Abroad Three Years Ago!
  9. I Want to Know What Folk Metal Is (Wait, No I Don’t)
  10. Oh, What a Pointless Three Weeks That Was
  11. Screw You For Ruining That Band For Me
  12. We Built This City Out of Smoke and Chiseled Jaw Lines

Feel free to judge me on the number of songs, asshole.

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