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Friday, August 30, 2013

Stuff I want but probably won't get because life isn't always fair.

  • I want this bag so I can feel happy and pretty when I use it to put all my stuff in and then take my stuff somewhere else.
  • I can't decide if I like this dress or this dress better because they're both so fucking amazing and oh god Emma Watson please be my wife. 
  • This skeleton is JUST SO HAPPY. Why can't I be this skeleton?
  • Rainbows is my favorite color and also I only really like this dress from the back.
  • I used to have one of these and wore it every single day and loved it but then I lost it. That was ten years ago, but still. 
  • This cute little bastard wouldn't eat a $300 retainer that keeps my teeth not looking like this... TWICE. Fuck you, Ranger. You're a dick and we are fighting. 

Unrelated: this has been a pretty awful week. I'm not writing it down anywhere because I don't want to accidentally look back and remember it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Summer, In Songs

I listen to a lot of music. Zoning out and listening to music is one of the few times I can really turn my mind off and concentrate on something other than what's on my to-do list or the thoughts in my head. It's pretty much my meditation. If I don't make time to sit and stare into space with music in my ears on a regular basis, I start to get anxious and cranky... like, more than usual.

The other day, I decided The Most Important Thing was to make a play list of the songs I've been obsessing over this summer. Some of these songs make me sad and introspective. A few of them make me happy and want to spaz around (some people may call it "dancing"). A couple of them are just weird and fun. Most of them aren't new songs, even to me, but they've been recently rediscovered and have basically been my life source this summer, and many will continue to be my all-time favorite musics for my ears and soul.

Here they are, in very particular order:

  1. Some Nights - Fun.
  2. Royal Blue - Cold War Kids
  3. Glowing - Nikki Williams
  4. 1901 - Phoenix
  5. Titanium - David Guetta feat. Sia
  6. Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
  7. Baby Finn Song - From the TV show Adventure Time
  8. City With No Children - Arcade Fire
  9. Cups (When I'm Gone) - Anna Kendrick
  10. Girl Sailor - The Shins
  11. Houdini - Foster the People (I've also been a little obsessed with the video)
  12. We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus*
  13. The Streets - Foxy Shazam
*I find Miley's 20-year-old-insanely-rich-white-girl antics wildly entertaining and I don't want to hear any sass, but feel free to judge me. I probably deserve it.

Honorable Mentions, but didn't make sense on the list:

All The Rowboats - Regina Spektor (and basically the entirety of her album What We Saw From the Cheap Seats), Draw a Crowd - Ben Folds, For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti - Sufjan Stevens (an all-time-forever favorite music for my soul)

So, what are you listening to? I'm always looking for new music to obsess over and I'm down for listening to just about anything.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rage Poetry: I'm Sure It's Tough to Work at Night

i'm sure it's tough to work at night.
moving furniture,
pelting scores of marbles onto the floor,
body-slamming your Labrador,
or whatever goes on up there
(& i'm not sure i really want to know)
is not a 4am thing to do.
it sends me into a rage of a thousand fiery things.
i hope,
when you just want to sleep at night like humans do,
you are serenely dreaming of beauty, hope, and light
until you are abruptly awaken
by a sound that you mistake for the beginning of the end-of-days
and that you

(This is a problem every. single. night. Times are hard for light sleepers.)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

50 Things I've Done

I have been feeling mopey about not living life to its fullest or whatever, so I decided to make a list of interesting things I've already done so I could feel better.

I have:
  1. Watched my dad throw approximately 20 bottle rockets into a bonfire while we were all sitting around it (no one was hurt)
  2. Cleaned approximately 3,000 tiny bugs off my body after unknowingly flying through them while riding in the front row on a roller coaster
  3. Snorted pepper on a casual dare
  4. Smashed a tiny container of coffee creamer with my fist... twice
  5. Taken a final exam with pneumonia and got an A
  6. Locked my keys in my car while dressed as a fairy (the locksmith lol'd at me and then opened the car for free)
  7. Taken a final exam and failed miserably, but passed the class
  8. Broken my nose... twice.
  9. Dated a stranger I met in a movie theater for four months
  10. Ran away from home for approximately 30 minutes when I was nine.
  11. Wore Pippi Longstocking hair to "wacky hair day" and was really embarrassed about it because no one knew who that was
  12. Been attacked by a blackbird
  13. Ran track on a team that won the conference championship, a title for which I contributed absolutely nothing
  14. Owned a snake as a pet
  15. Painted peace signs, flowers, and smiley faces on a bedroom wall
  16. Ate a foot-long hot-dog, got food poisoning, and didn't eat hot dogs again for a year
  17. Eventually ate a foot-long hot-dog at the same place I got food poisoining, like a smart person.
  18. Went to a Harry Potter book release party even though I hadn't read any of the books yet
  19. Had mono on my 21st birthday, made appletinis and drank them anyway
  20. Won the "quiet seat" at the children's bible study I visited with my friend every single time I visited, presumably because I literally never spoke a word ever
  21. Dated someone I met online and didn't get murdered
  22. Played softball for two years and was really bad at it
  23. Stayed awake for 24 hours straight just to see what it was like (fyi it sucked and by the end I was insufferable)
  24. Saw Leann Rimes in concert
  25. Ate the most awful cheese while staying with a family in France because I didn't want to seem like a rude douchey American
  26. Ridden a gondola in Venice while singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect" with five other high school girls
  27. Acted in a play in which I got to say "fuck" a lot and fake-punch my fake-sister in the face
  28. Failed swimming lessons
  29. Was blonde for the first two years of my life until my hair fell out and grew in basically black (wtf genetics)
  30. Woke up to a strange cat sitting on my bed and staring at me
  31. Went to take the garbage out, opened the lid, and saw the incarnation of my recurring childhood nightmare: glowing eyes staring at me (it was a baby raccoon)
  32. Burned my knees while posing for a photo outside of the Vatican.
  33. Asked a boy I was in love with to two dances, one of which was prom... was rejected both times  (for some reason, we're still really good friends)
  34. Sang in choir and sucked at it. Loved it anyway
  35. Got stung by a bee in my ear
  36. Had a photograph I took on display at my university for a semester
  37. Read my entire astronomy textbook cover to cover because I was in serious danger of failing the class
  38. Got stabbed in the hand with a pencil and could see a gray graphite mark for like four years afterward
  39. Got sent to the principal's office... for being good (I got stickers)
  40. Got detention because my entire class wouldn't shut the fuck up and I happened to be wearing a really bright red shirt so my teacher chose me because he noticed me first
  41. Baked a blueberry pie... and ate over half of it because the people I made it for didn't like pie 
  42. Took piano lessons for like six months
  43. Took dance lessons for like eight weeks
  44. Bit a kid who pissed me off on the bus and made him bleed
  45. Was on the student council for five years
  46. Cried during a sleepover because I missed my mommy... while over the age of ten
  47. Ridden on a ferry from Greece to Italy and wished I could paint the views from the window more anything I have ever wanted in my life
  48. Had a photograph I took published in a book
  49. Rappelled down a wall in Umbrige, Italy. 
  50. Stayed up past 4 AM making this list
My life is majestic and now you know it.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fun with fun.

 A few years ago I heard a catchy song on the radio and thought, "That sounds like the dude from The Format! Since when did they get radio famous?!"

I hadn't listened to music radio in a couple years. I was too busy only listening to NPR like a douche and was out of the popular music loop.

Then a few months later, I found out it WAS the dude from The Format! Only he was in a different band, its name was "fun.," and apparently they were getting pretty darn popular! After crying my tears over the The Format's disbanding, I began to really like the sound of this fun. group, despite thinking (to this day) that the band name is kinda like "meh" and/or "wtf," even though they apparently chose the name because of their love of ice cream, which is just adorbs.

One autumn day in 2012, I went for an evening walk with my headphones on and music in my ears. Fun.'s song The Gambler came on as I was nearing the corner home, and I was punched in the guts with gushy feelings and inspiration. I kept the song on repeat, sat down on the porch, and wrote my wedding vows. It was about a month before the wedding and I was getting kind of nervous; Mr. Over Achiever had finished his three months ago. I have a hard time putting my love-feelings into words, I guess. But that night, I wrote exactly what I would eventually say to him in front of our friends and family on one of the best days of my life.

As an anniversary gift to each other, Joel and I went to see fun. in Detroit about a month ago. It was during the heat wave and was so hot and muggy, I had a ton of school work to do, it was Tuesday night when we both had stuff to do the next morning and, as usual, I had gotten little sleep. I was hardly in the mood to drive three hours both ways to a crowded venue. We almost didn't go.

But I am so, SO glad we did. It was beautiful and magical and joyful and FUN (omg, I get it now!). It was everything. It was my first music festival atmosphere and the largest show I have ever been to. We sat waaaay up on the grassy hill in the back. After the show started, everyone stood up and sang and swayed to the songs. I was secretly hoping they would play The Gambler (they did), even though I knew I would cry like a little bitch (I did), but it's okay because Joel and I were a barfy couple for a few minutes and then we got back to dancing. The band puts on a hell of a show, and they kept gushing about Detroit and the people of Michigan. It was obvious they were enjoying themselves and that they enjoyed us as an audience, which is always a nice feeling.

In 2007, I saw The Format at The Intersection, a local venue with a maximum capacity of about 2,000. Here is a crappy photo I took from that night, no zoom required:

Here is the (again, crappy) photo I took from the Fun. show this summer:

They played a sold-out show in a venue that holds 7,700 people. It was pretty cool to see a talented guy (Nate Ruess) go from "If I wave my arms, you would actually notice I'm in your audience!" to "That white dot sure looks exhausted from jumping around the stage so much!" They are one of the few bands Joel and I mutually love and we both had a mini celebration when they won their Grammy. Music has always been intrinsically linked to memories, good or bad, that come rushing back whenever I revisit loved albums or songs. I don't often listen to The Format anymore as their music brings back feelings of a pretty awful time in my life. But right now, Fun. is all happiness and love-feelings, and I hope I can revisit those feelings when I listen to these albums (with Joel!) in years to come. 

Oh yeah. We also got a poster:


Monday, August 5, 2013

The World Is My Oyster For Three Weeks! Also, An Ostrich

As of approximately 9pm this evening, I was officially done with my first semester of graduate school. Which means for the next three weeks, I am a free woman! I was watching Dexter tonight and I looked over at Joel and said, "It feels so magical not to be worried about homework right now." I will savor this three weeks like it's a cheesecake.

Here is what I am going to do with my temporary freedom:
  • Clean out the pantry/drawers/whatever!
  • Get rid of shit!
  • Sell/burn my textbooks!
  • Read a fucking real book! 
  • Watch Star Wars for the first time so my friends will quit bitching at me about it! 
  • Visit friends in East Lansing and Ann Arbor!
  • Drink whiskey!
  • Save the world!
  • Go on a hike with my husband!
  • Swim in a pool!
  • Go to the zoo with my husband!
  • Go to the beach!
  • Drink mimosas!
  • Take Ranger to the dog park!
  • Visit my mommy and daddy!
  • Turn a ladder into a bookshelf and put books on it!
  • Run!
  • Paint something!
  • Lift weights like a beast!
  • Stab my neighbors because they're loud at night!
  • Get a Brazilian Blowout, which is not as sexual as it sounds!
  • Read about stuff I like on the Internet!
  • Read about stuff I don't care about on the Internet because it's there!
  • Go on a weekend anniversary trip with my husband!
  • Dance like no one's watching!
  • Sit around and listen to music!
  • Look at memes and .gifs 4ever!
  • Eat cheesecake cause I said "cheesecake" up there and now I want it!
  • Play with my friends!
  • Cook something maybe!
  • Host a bachelorette party!
  • Clean this fucking house and keep it clean for more than ten minutes!
  • Do normal responsibility things that are too boring to list!
  • Write stuff! 
  • Eat (good, healthy, magical) food!
  • Not do any of that stuff and sit around watching Netflix.

Oh yeah, I promised you an ostrich.

He is impressed with my ambition.