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Monday, January 27, 2014

Goodbye, My Friend

For this post to reach its full effect, I suggest playing this video of the Spice Girls' "Goodbye" while reading.

Recently, I said goodbye to a friend. A friend I have had for over seven years

My Dell laptop. Her name was Sophie. 

Sophie, a name of Greek origin meaning "wisdom." As a scared and excited college freshman, that name was inspired by my future and my potential as a woman growing up and discovering herself. I was going to become wise as fuck with this computer, life experience, and a college education. I also happened to be dating a Greek guy at the time. 

Sophie and I went through a lot together. She lived with me in nine different apartments, got me through one bachelor's degree in social work, part of one unfinished certificate in paralegal studies, and two semesters of graduate education. She had her memory wiped twice due to viruses (I know what you're thinking, and they weren't from porn, you freak), had two cord replacements, one battery replacement, and one addition of RAM. She was a fighter. Plus, I could  never afford to replace her. 

Until now. It's time. Though she runs fairly smoothly, she is legitimately falling apart. As I enter into my third semester of graduate school, I need something lighter, something that travels easier, and something that doesn't need to be held together with duct tape. 

But it's a bittersweet goodbye. It's ridiculous how attached I get to my stuff, especially stuff I've had for so long. But Sophie has been in my life longer than the majority of my current favorite people. Our relationship has had a good run, but it's time to let go and move on. She understands, I think. (sidenote: I may be crazy, it's fine.) And it does feel good to have a fresh start on my new Acer that has a touch screen and can run Photoshop without freezing. 

Anyway, this post is dedicated to Sophie. You were the first major electronic I owned other than a Nintendo system, and I will always look back on our time together fondly. Thanks for doing me a solid and holding yourself together until we could afford something else. You were the best. 

RIP Sophie Dell

And here's my new computer, freshly decorated. I haven't named it. I think I'm done with the part of my life where I name my electronics. But I will NEVER stop naming my stuffed animals.

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