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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just a bunch of photos of my #face.

I'm about 87.5 percent sure that, if I don't get bored with makeup any time soon, actually stick with it, and start to not suck at it, any makeup photos I post now will make me cringe a few months down the road. #positivity

So, I'm putting them all into this one convenient post that I can delete in, like, a year if I feel the need. #logic 

If face shit bores you, close this page now. If you're really good at face shit, also close this page now, or stay here I guess but don't judge me. I'm just a kid. 

I don't feel like posting brands. You probably don't care, right? But here are the occasions:
1 &2. New Year's Eve 
3. Random Sunday/polar vortex/clothing exchange
4. Snow day (Same palette as #3)
5. Cabin fever/extreme boredom
6. Birthday (My personal favorite. Also really hard.)

Sorry I look bored/angry/dead in some of these photos. I may or may not have been any combination of those three. 

I don't know how face bloggers do this without feeling totally #vain and awkward. I'm sharing because this shit took time and effort, and Joel gets bored with me sticking my face into his face and telling him to appreciate the colors I painted on it. Plus, he's color blind and can't even see all of them.


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