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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life Recap

What am I even doing with this blog? Posting about my feelings, disappearing for two months, and then reappearing with a post about glitter nail polish? Aren't I so fucking mysterious?

No. I'm not mysterious. I'm just a weirdo.

A lot has changed in the past few months! Including the obsession with glitter thing. But that's probably one of the least significant things. Here's a short recap, in order of importance:

1. I got my brain-drugs figured out. I know you were really worried about me. My emotions have been relatively stable for the first time in a really long time. I love this feeling, though it's really foreign to me, to be honest. This new chill-mode might be because of the drugs, because I'm on break from school right now and thus less stressed, or because I'm learning to change the way I look at things. But, I'm gonna go ahead and call it "all of the above." I just hope it continues into this next semester (starting next week, YIKES!).

2. I've realized that the people in my life are the best, and exactly what I need right now. I am so unbelievably lucky. I talk to other people my age and they describe having "no friends." And they seem perfectly fine with this! Nope, I couldn't do that. I need people, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'd go nuts without daily chats with my "sister from another mister," weekly tea with close friends, girls' nights, mid-week bar nights, game nights, and the occasional crazy party. My social life fucking rocks, and I'm gonna keep it that way! My family is pretty amazing, too. Especially Husband. I'd truly be lost without him. ♥ Here's a million photos of those people:

3. I've realized graduate school is hard, but I can do it. Kay, so I knew graduate school was hard last semester. But this semester I added a 20+ hour per week internship and a really intense research class. I was convinced I was failing everything the entire time, but it turns out I did pretty well. Really well, in fact. This semester was a big wake-up call for the part of my brain that is constantly whispering, "You can't do this. You aren't strong enough for this.You aren't smart enough for this. You can't possibly work hard enough to finish this." I would say the outcome of this semester successfully told those negative thoughts to fuck right off. I feel like I'm going into this semester with a new found sense of confidence in my academic abilities, and it feels really good. 

4. My interests are changing, but there are still some things that will never change. I don't know where my new(ish) obsessions with makeup and nail polish came from. It probably started because I adore anything that looks like a rainbow exploded on it, and then one day I realized, "Hey, if I put stuff on my face and nails, they can be colorful, too!" Mostly, this shit is just fun. Though it is an expensive new hobby (if you could call it that) and I need to stop lusting over things I can't have right now and learn to work with what I've got. Otherwise, I'm still into the usual: music (Arctic Monkeys and Bastille are my newest faves), TV shows (American Horror Story took over my life for a minute there, and I liked it), obsessing over my household decor because I'm apparently my mother, food (eating it and baking it, not cooking it), movies, politics, and sleep. Yes, I'm really into sleep. Don't hate. 

5. I got this really cool scarf:

Seriously.  Super cool.

Happy New Year. 

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  1. Yay for writing again and yay for kicking last semester's ass. Also, stop stealing my scarf. Rude.


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