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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My First Guest Post!

I wrote a thing!

My very first guest post is featured over at The Loudmouth Lifestyle. Stephanie was gracious enough to include me in her list of bloggers featured to promote her upcoming 2015 Loud Ladies program. She is doing some amazing things, ya'll! So check her out and check out my post.

One of my many goals for this coming year is to make this blog a Real Thing. To do that, I'll probably need to post more than once a month. So, watch out for that.

Anywho, it's almost 2:00pm and I should be furiously cleaning my house in preparation for my New Year's Eve party tonight. Fun fact: I've thrown a New Year's party every year (with the exception of one, when I had strep throat) since I was 16. That's TEN (nine) YEARS! The faces and venues have changed and I've transitioned from ice cream cake and soda to croquettes and champagne, but it never fails to be a good time. I truly believe in the importance of starting the new year with some favorite people, games, and laughter. It's also a bonus if you can feel super sexy, so I should probably shower and put on real clothes, too. I disgust myself.