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Monday, January 12, 2015

Life: An Update

So life has been a bit of a whirlwind these days, but in mostly good ways. After returning from our Belated Honeymoon (which was perfect and amazing and I will gush about it later, with photos) on December 21st, I went to my hometown to visit some high school friends and fetch my dog, who I probably missed more than anyone during our 10 day absence. No offense, human friends.
Look how unbearably adorable he is:

Don't you just want to throw up a little? 

Then it was Christmas. First, a small Christmas Eve friend gathering at our home, then Christmas with my mom, then with my mom and brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces, and nephew. Finally, the annual "Super Fucking Classy Christmas Party" our friends throw where we all dress up pretty, drink champagne, and listen to classy music while getting moderately messy marked the end of the 2014 Christmas season, which I will always remember fondly as a six-day blur of glitter and people and wrapping paper and food, followed by a two-day nap.


Joel and I were determined to finish organizing our basement before our New Year's Eve party. We had been talking about organizing that basement since basically the dawn of time and our Must Finish Date kept getting pushed back because of reasons. First we wanted to get it done before fall, so we (I) wouldn't be so cold down there. Then it was before winter for the same reason. Then it was before our trip. Then it was by New Year's Eve, which we actually stuck to so we could use it as some extra space for our New Year's Eve party. And after a few days of a frantic purging, cleaning, and organizing extravaganza, our basement went from "so disgusting I refuse to ever step foot in it" to "not bad for an old, creepy basement." We finished it on New Year's Eve day. 
Important note: The disgusting part was not because of us. We rent an apartment in a house that was built 100+ years ago and this basement had not been cleaned out in, like, 50 years at least. Seriously. We threw away our broom after using it to clean down there. THAT'S how gross it was.

Note the lack of dead bugs all over the floor. That's because of me. You're welcome, landlord.

In the first week of 2015, I got started furiously working on my new business venture and I'm feeling motivated, inspired, and a little overwhelmed. I have so many goals and plans and there is so. much. to learn, I'm trying not to let my brain turn to mush and my anxiety-monster turn me into a raging psycho. But I got my first paid client (shh, don't tell him I'm technically an amateur), so I think I'm off to a good start! 

But of course, it wouldn't be me if a few crappy things didn't happen. So naturally, we had to actually come home from our vacation and say goodbye to my new friend The Ocean (crappy thing #1). Joel got rear-ended on Christmas Eve in our brand new leased car, leaving a dent the size of a baby's head in our bumper (crappy thing #2). His new $150 Nikes, a gift to himself for being awesome at work (he rarely buys anything for himself) got stolen out of the front seat of our SUV. We didn't even realize it until after Christmas, after they had been gone for about a week (crappy thing #3). THEN, $500 was stolen out of our bank account from someone who got their hands on his debit card number (crappy thing #4), which apparently happens "all the time," according to the bank, and there's nothing anyone can do about it except heavily invest in gold and bury it in several different locations around Pawnee. We will get it back from the bank eventually. They originally said it would take up to 90 days because banks do not like to give you your own money ever, but Joel threw a fit and talked them down to 10 days. I would have just accepted the 90 days and cried about it, but he's a lot better at knowing when it's okay to be an asshole and actually doing it. 

Despite all that stupid stuff, I feel pretty positive and, like, kinda great, for the first time in a long time. (Knock on wood. My only superstition.) It's like I don't even know who I am anymore.

But honestly. Do any of us really know who we are?



  1. That's a serious of bad events! But hey, you're feeling positive and that's important.

  2. That's a serious of bad events! But hey, you're feeling positive and that's important.


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