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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Emotions (Abridged) 2

This week, I felt_______because...

SENTIMENTAL: My mom is in the process of moving from the house I lived in throughout middle/high school. Though haven't technically lived there for almost 9 years since I moved away to college, this impending change still has me kinda bummed. I know my heavy emotions are mostly about my late father, not the house or the town, but it will be strange to no longer return to such familiar places on a regular basis. Despite the sadness, I have kind of enjoyed going through all my old shit and reminiscing the awkward days of yore. You know, as opposed to the awkward days of now. 


SCHMEXHAUSTED: This is a new word I invented to describe my unprecedented levels of sleepiness. I've never exactly been a morning person, but this week my body discovered a fun, new way to remind me that I am definitely in my late 20s, going on 60. Back in the day, I could easily run on 6-7 hours of sleep. But this week it seemed that unless I got 9 hours or more, I could not function without turning into a cranky toddler in need of a nappie wappie. It literally hit me just this week. So, I guess life is different now. The aging process is a controlling bitch. 

Not yore.

PREPARED: Well, preparing. I've been feeling lost in the wilderness of freelance writing and questioning every single action I take in the course of my work week. It's getting better, but I need to crush this week. I actually have a vision and a plan, and I almost kind of feel like I could maybe possibly in the near future know what the fuck I'm doing ever. So, progress! 

FOX / pandawhale

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