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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dream Journal - Sad Elephants


I'm in my house in Coldwater. Mom is there. My niece Olivia is around. She's a baby, younger here than irl. She has a dirty diaper (poop dream! How exciting?) Mom is trying to sleep or something, and I tell her I can change the baby's diaper. She says I can't and that she'll do it. In my head I think about how I worked at a daycare for several months and changed a billion diapers a day and did she forget or is she just being shitty and patronizing?, but it's not like I really want to change her diaper so I don't argue.

We are expecting company; The Jacks*. I go to change out of pole clothes. I see Mike Jack and family pulling into the driveway. The house is structured differently than in real life, and they can see me changing through the window next to the front door. They laugh at me because I put something on inside out. I go to tell mom they're here, but they've gone. Mom said Mike wanted to watch a game (or something) and to meet them at a restaurant. I think this is weird and rude, but whatever. I'm looking forward to seeing them because it's been a long time.

We are driving. I think we're in Indiana. We drive past lots of cornfields, and we pass a small house on a corner that looks run-down, next to a large patch of land and cornfield. I see an elephant. A baby elephant. TWO baby elephants! I get very excited for a moment. Then I notice that they look very sad. I tell mom that they look sad. She just keeps driving. The elephants do not leave my mind.

At the restaurant, there is random chatter and catching up among mom and The Jacks. I cannot remember if Cody and Tiffany** are there, but I remember them being in the car in the driveway. I am researching on my phone how to report animal cruelty, and help the elephants. I ask Mike and Amy what the place is called/where it is. They said they've seen it before and that the owners of that property have a lot of exotic animals but no one's ever done anything about it. I get the address. 

Suddenly (or perhaps other things happened that I don't remember), we are in a house. I think it's mom's house, but not sure. It doesn't feel that familiar, but it smells like home. The furniture is large floral print and kind of ugly. There is wicker. It feels like we might be on a porch, but it is very dark. Mike and Amy are there. Oh! Mike can walk.* My brother, Brian, is there. Mom is there. Some random guy is there, and he is shady as fuck. He has some accent, probably Russian because that's pretty shady (sorry if that's un-PC of my subconscious). I know him to be the owner of the house with the sad elephants. I do not like him. He knows that I'm the one who called the authorities on him, and he's trying to make himself sound like a good person for saving the animals he was abusing.

He sees that I am not convinced, so tries to get me to feel bad for him, saying that losing these animals will ruin him financially and he has family and blah blah blah. He is really squinty, like Putin, but he's bigger and has longer hair. But he's also kind of handsome in a way that women are attracted to terrible men, plus he's wearing a suit. But I still hate him. I want him to shut up and leave. No, I want him to get arrested, but that's not going to happen. The animals were removed (I think), so that's fine. I hope he doesn't try to hurt me, is he connected to the Russian mob or something? He looks pretty mob-ish.
My brother Brian played a prank on him. I'm not sure how he did it, but he made this asshole shit himself, right on the ugly wicker floral print couch. Brian laughs forever, he has a very distinct laugh at it makes me happy to hear. We all quietly giggle. Russian mob animal abuser storms off, angry and embarrassed.

The end.

*The Jacks are family friends whom I've known since I was five. They are important, and sort of like a second set of parents to me. I don't see them often now.
**The Jack children. We grew up together, and I've known them longer than anyone I really know now. Cody is my age, Tiffany a little younger. They're both married or partnered, Cody has kids. I never see them.