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Hello, friends! I'm Victoria. I'm an awkward introvert with a lot of feelings.

Here is a photo of me and a goat:

Goats are hilarious.
Photo credit: Kate

Here is a list of a few of my interests, which may or may not make an appearance in a post at some point:

Politics. Feminism. Glitter. Cake. The Internet. Mental health awareness. Michigan. Social justice. Body love. Relationships. Lists. Baking. The meaning of life, the Universe, and everything. Nail art. Travel. Crafts. Meditation. TV shows. Psychology and human behavior. Movies. Opinionated ranting. Swear words (that one is a guarantee). Books. Nostalgia. Animals. Creepy stuff. Writing (duh). My favorite people. Space. 

And so on and so forth until infinity, subject to change without notice. You never know what'll happen around here.

But isn't that what makes life exciting?

Thanks for reading. ♥

I'd love to hear from you on all the social medias! Tell me what's on your mind, or who your favorite Kardashian is, or whatever.


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